On assignment for the NGO Ovidiu Rom outside Bucharest

Today I was privileged to tag along in the field with the charming Nadia and Dana from Leslie Hawke’s (the American actor Ethan’s mother) NGO called Ovidiu Rom which seeks to help put impoverished Romanian children in school. We drove outside Bucharest to the small village of Vizuresti and spent the day teaching kindergarteners as well as knocking on doors and speaking with parents in the hopes of getting their children to come to school. Leslie came to Romania first in 2000 with the Peace Corps and then started Ovidiu Rom in 2001. She is doing humanitarian work of the first order. It was truly a joy to participate. Here are a few images and the larger edit can be seen here.

Nadia makes house calls.

Dana plays with the kindergarteners.

A Roma child.

Dana and Nadia discussing on our way out of Vizuresti.


3 Responses to On assignment for the NGO Ovidiu Rom outside Bucharest

  1. Parmalat says:

    Wow you went to those gypsies and they didn’t steal your camera!? I suppose there was someone else with you because otherwise they would have stolen your camera and would have chased you around the place with an axe :))

  2. Davin Ellicson says:

    Ah, no, Parmalat, the Roma family was quite gracious.

  3. As I know, although some gypsise steel for living and begging, but most of them are kind. 🙂

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