Listen to Yale’s Richard Benson take inkjet printing to the maximum

February 28, 2009


Over on Conscientious I found this video podcast from Adobe guru George Jardine of the master printer Richard Benson in conversation with photographer Jay Maisel about his unique way of printing with Epson inkjets. Benson has long been a pioneer in the fields of printing and photographic book reproduction and says that he had become exasperated with current methods of color management in digital photography. So, he devised a whole other method for printing. Watch!


The weekly meeting of Bucharest based press photographers

February 26, 2009



This group of Romanian photojournalists has been an oasis of like-minded brethren for me here in Bucharest. Each Tuesday night from around 8 pm to midnight or later, we meet in a bistro close to the center.

Just another day in Bucharest

February 25, 2009




You gotta love this city! A view of the street outside my apartment today.

New York Times publication

February 24, 2009


On the web


and in print

An image from my work for Bloomberg last week about the financial crisis in Romania appears in the NY Times today.

“The maximum, that is what has always interested me.” – Josef Koudelka

February 24, 2009


I was in Bulgaria overnight wandering around the border town of Ruse in the snow and drinking the very good Zagorka beer. Being in such a state of liminality at night amongst people whose language you cannot make out made me think of Josef K and all his years of wandering. How fresh one feels to be in a new place, how easily the photographs come.

On assignment again for The International Herald Tribune on 2/22

February 21, 2009

I am reporting the interviews for the writer of the Chinese immigrant story who is in Paris as well as doing the photography.

Chinese Immigrants stranded in Romania

February 20, 2009

Hundreds of Chinese immigrants are currently stuck in Romania after their work contracts with construction firms here were suddenly terminated after only two months. About three hundred of them are camped out in makeshift tents in front of the Chinese Embassy hoping to get some kind of help. Apparently, they paid middlemen large sums of money to secure the contracts only to be literally left out in the cold. By day, hundreds more are joining them to stage a protest as they all lack the money to buy tickets home. The economic crisis hit Romania just as the immigrants arrived in November.