In Maramures continuing my rural life project 3/11-3/20

I just took a 12 hour train from Bucharest to Baia Mare here in the north. It must be one of the slowest trains in the European Union since the distance was only 690 km–a trip France’s TGV would cruise through in less than 3 hours. From the view of Transylvania out the window all day, it really looks as if most of Romania is eeking out a subsistence level existence. The villages I passed looked medieval with smoke billowing from the small homes, backyard enclosures with chickens, pigs and hay and a church always on the highest ground towards the center. I would post some pictures except that I shot mostly on film(!) making panoramics with my Hasselblad Xpan. How soon one forgets the beauty and simplicity of film–there’s no losing one’s focus by checking the back of the camera and there’s nothing to do in the hotel room–I’ll have to wait to when I go to London in a few weeks or to New York later in the spring for these shots.

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