‘This Day of Change’ Assignment


In January I had the privilege of participating in a group assignment organized by Courrier Japon that sent 132 photographers from around the world out to capture life on Barack Obama’s inauguration day. Two of my images are now online with more soon to follow and a book with everyone’s work is due to be published on 25 April. An English companion version will be published later in May. There is a simultaneous exhibition in Japan with about 50 photographs from the book and one of them happens to be mine. The location is the pedestrian deck at Shinjuku’s Takashimaya Department Store’s second floor. Access: Shinjuku station, 2 minutes from Shin-Minamiguchi exit. The work of other photographers on the project can be seen here.


2 Responses to ‘This Day of Change’ Assignment

  1. […] April 2009 by Valentin Mandache I would like to recommend two very evocative photographs of conteporary Bucharest  scenes together with an ispired description of the city as “Little Paris” by the US […]

  2. Very cool, Davin, and you’re in great company; a pretty intriguing list of photographers.

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