Maramures Book Project

August 22, 2008

I have been working on my long-term Maramures series since 2002 and I think it’s about time to approach European publishers. The spectacular way of life there in northern Romania is at last changing and the kinds of pictures I took just a few short years ago are harder and harder to make these days. I was back in the village of Valeni where I once lived for an entire year just now in May, and life is in dramatic flux. Many youth are working in Italy and Spain and tractors and mobile phones have invaded! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Traditional Europe is at last on the verge of extinction.

I have to get my edit down to 40-80 images or so. The large edit I am working from is here and I have a good many more that I have Imaconed but have yet to process.

A book I think is very important in establishing one’s career and place within the medium and the European publishing houses are going to warm up to my project much more than the American outfits I would imagine. So, I am busy making a preliminary book dummy with the help of Fastback Books. After I work out any design and sequencing issues with this version, I plan to have a set of Epson prints bound by Paper Dragon Books for the final maquette.